Monday, 1 October 2012

DIY Salt Spray.

Hi there Folks,

So as someone who has hair in that awkward 'growing out of pixie crop' phase, coupled with the fact that although I have a lot a hair, it's quite fine, I find that I'm needing a little help to make it look how I want it to.

Now, before I was a student I used to buy Lee Stafford's 'I Hate My Hair The Day It's Washed' spray which is great. But at over £6 a bottle it's something that I'd rather not buy and use that money towards something else. So I make my own. Now the Lee Stafford spray isn't a salt spray, but it does take away that slippery, fly away texture of hair when it's washed and just gives it a bit of hold without making it greasy. And I find that the salt spray does virtually the same thing, plus it adds a bit more texture rather than my hair just being straight. 

So what I do to make it is take an empty spray bottle (this one cost 39p from Home Bargains). Add some sea salt to it, I personally use sea salt but I guess table salt would work just as's the same thing after all! I then add a dollop of hair conditioner and also a dollop of hair gel just to add some extra hold and protection. Then fill your bottle up with warm tap water (not I discovered the first time it may well just melt the bottle!) and give it a shake to dissolve the salt and mix the conditioner and gel in.

And there you have it, your very own salt spray to give you that lovely texture and hold if you have unruly hair.

Have any of you made your own salt spray before? Or have any other recipes for other hair goodies that I could try? Please share!

Ciao for now,


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