About Me

So aside from whats written in my introduction post (can be found here) and the little blurb off to the right over there >>> heres a few things that you may (or may not) want to know about me...

1. I am a sugar whore. I love sweets, chocolates, cakes, fizzy drinks...basically anything that is laced with a tonne of sweetness because I'm obviously not sweet enough already.

2. I love painting my nails. I have more nail varnish than you can shake a stick at and it makes me sad when I can't paint them because of work.

3. Before I studied Occupational Therapy, I did a year of Hospitality Management with Culinary Arts. I have no idea why I chose this course, at the time I wanted to own a chocolate shop and I really enjoy cooking. In the end, although I could have carried on, a career in the hospitality industry just wasn't for me.

4. I thoroughly enjoy going to the cinema. Thank the Lord for Orange Wednesdays otherwise I would be well and truely bankrupt. Although I'm really not so keen on 3D films. Why do they insist on making everything 3D these days? I really don't feel that it brings much more to the majority of films and therefore isn't worth the extra mular and the silly glasses. 

5. I really enjoy watching make up and beauty related YouTube videos and reading make up and beauty blogs. I used to be very much into experimenting with make up, however, these days I'd much rather have extra time in bed/extra time to chill out and drink tea in the morning.

6. I'm currently reading the Game of Thrones book series and have been for over a year now...it is taking me forever!

7. My favourite colour is green. If it wasn't a bit weird and OTT I would have painted my entire house green - instead I just settled for the downstairs.

8. I can never decide what to do with my hair. Grow long or chop it all off, its a never ending cycle (currently though I am growing).

9. I could watch Food Network all day...literally. In fact any food related programme, I just love them.

10. I HATE coriander with a passion!

11. I love strawberries. I think they're really sweet and I like to collect strawberry shaped bits and bobs.

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