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Cinema Round Up #1.

Hi there Folks,

I've decided that instead of doing a weekly film review style post, I'm just going to do a round up at the end of each month of the ones I've seen and what I thought etc.

January has been a flipping good film month, there has been so many that I've wanted to watch and I feel sad that I've not been able to see some of the ones I wanted. We've even been tempted to go twice each Wednesday as I have orange mobile and we also have orange broadband so we can get two codes...but we just don't have the time these days! :[

1. Seven Psychopaths

Now I wasn't really sure what this film was about before watching it, apart from that it's about seven psychopaths, but I did enjoy it. It was funny and witty and I think that Sam Rockwell (Wild Bill in Green Mile) plays a very convincing psychopath. I was excited also that two of the actors from Boardwalk Empire were in it as that's one of my favourite shows but that was short lived as their part was teeny tiny. I thought overall that it was interesting, with a funny, slightly quirky storyline, but just fyi, it's a bit gruesome!

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2. Pitch Perfect

This was such a feel good film! I love singing and dancing and musicals and I really really enjoyed this, it just made me feel happy and now I really want to join an acapella group! I think Anna Kendricks is beautiful, I really liked her in End of Watch (even though she only has a smallish part) and she has a smokin' hot voice too...what a winner! Also, Rebel Wilson is hilarious! So yes, although it's not going to win any awards, for me this was jolly, funny and overall an enjoyable film!

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3. Les Miserables

Holy freaking cow I am beyond obsessed with this film. I'd say it's almost verging on weird! I'd never seen Les Mis before and I didn't even really know what the overall storyline was about. But I LOVED IT!! In my opinion Hugh Jackman is incredible, I obviously have no other Jean Valjean to compare him to, but he was brilliant and what a cracking voice he has too! Ooh those high notes! As I just mentioned, I love a bit of singing and I really wish I'd got involved in the musicals my school put on when I was younger (one of which was Les Mis) and after watching this I really want to run away and join the west end. I think I would love to be Eponine, On My Own is such a beautiful and heartbreaking song and I can't believe I've missed out on all this until now! Even my boyfriend (who doesn't generally watch musicals ever!) really enjoyed it. I have had the soundtrack on repeat for the last two weeks love love. I highly recommend a watch!!

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3. Django Unchained

Going into this film I'd literally not seen a single trailer, because it's an 18 it obviously wasn't shown before any other the other films we'd seen recently, so I literally had no idea what it was about at all. As with all Quentin Tarantino films, it's pretty gruesome, there's lots of blood and violence, so if you're not so keen on those kind of films I'd steer clear. The characters are brilliant, I particularly loved Django (Jamie Foxx) and Dr. Schultz (Christopher Waltz), they were a witty and entertaining pair. I think the film was very well written and felt really empowering and being the lover of chick flicks that I am I really enjoyed the little hint of romance thrown in there as well.

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4. Lincoln

I was looking forward to seeing this film after watching Django Unchained the week before, seeing as they both focus on similar topics - slavery. Although it was a tough choice between this and Zero Dark Thirty...that's next weeks pick I think. Anyway, I did enjoy this film, although I felt like the first hour of it dragged on forever, but after that I did get quite into it...Lincoln seems like a cool guy!

I also think that Lincoln and Django Unchained have been educational for me. I gave up history when I was in year 9 (age 14) and I'm pretty sure my school never taught us anything about slavery or American history so I literally know pretty much nothing on the topic, not even that Lincoln got assassinated bad is that!

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What a great month of new films it has been! And there's still so many good ones to watch; Zero Dark Thirty, Gangster Squad, Flight, The Impossible and Movie 43 are still on my list of must sees. Be sure to check back next month to see which ones I managed to watch and what I thought!

Have you seen any good films recently? Please share your thoughts!

Ciao for now,


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