Saturday, 15 September 2012

An Introduction.

Hi there Folks,

Welcome to JB's Eats & Treats! I thought I would start by writing a little introduction about who I am and what I'm going to blog about.
So I'm JB. I'm 22 years of age and live in the North West. I'm currently studying to be an Occupational Therapist and am about to start my final year next week...holy moly! Recently my OT head has been telling me that my occupational balance is a bit off...I need more leisure time in my life so lets see if blogging is something that I can get some enjoyment out of! I've been thinking about starting a blog for a little while and tonight I just decided to bite the bullet and do it! I imagine its going to take a little bit of work to get it going but I'm making a start.
I haven't really decided what I'm going to blog about as of yet. But I really love to cook yummy, healthy food for myself and my boyfriend, so I think I would really like to share some of the successes. I'm also really interested in starting to craft. Now I'm not the most creative of people, and I think I left any artistic flair that I had in GCSE Art, but I really want to start challenging my creativity. So I thought I would document this process and lets see if I can release the little creative person thats (hopefully) hiding somewhere inside of me.
I also think I'll just post about random things that I like, I don't really want to give myself a strict genre, I just want this to be a place for me to share my thoughts, ideas and projects. I would love for anybody who reads this or any future posts to chip in and share, I love discovering new blogs and seeing other peoples ideas!
I think thats everything for this very first venture into the world of blogging. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things and start posting reguarly very soon!

Ciao for now,



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