Wednesday, 26 September 2012

What I'm Loving #2

Hi there Folks,

So it's Wednesday again, which means it's time to share what I've been enjoying this week!

First up is my beloved Heat Holders! The weather in the UK is just beyond ridiculous, it's not even October and already it's pretty chilly. And wet...very very wet! So while I'm in the house I'm living in these babies (until my new slippers arrive).

My next love is this checked shirt that I bought at a Gap outlet last week. It's from the menswear section and cost all of £7.99. I love it, I got an XS which I feel fits me great, its a lovely purpley colour and it was a great price.

My final love is Boardwalk Empire. I love this series and I'm so glad series 3 has now started! Roll on cosy afternoons on the sofa with a blanket, my heat holders, a good brew and some Boardwalk...bliss!

Photo from here

So these are my top faves this week. Please feel free to share yours in the comments, I'd love to get in on some of the things you guys enjoy!

Ciao for now,


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