Monday, 24 September 2012

Home Style - Cheap Stationary Storage

Hi there Folks,

As both myself and my boyfriend are students, we have a lot of stationary floating around our house. And I'm sure that if you're students or have kiddiewinks then you're in the same boat.

So I thought I would share a cool but inexpensive way to store your pens and pencils which incorporates a bit of recycling and a yummy treat too!

That's right, Ben and Jerry's pots! After we finished with them we just gave them a really thorough rinse out and let them dry properly and there you have it! They look really cute and funky and it also means you can indulge in a little ice cream time to boot! You could always coat the inside with PVA glue or something similar just to protect it, but we didn't and they're still going strong after 2 years.

Does anybody have any more recycled storage tips that they would like to share? Please do!

Ciao for now,



  1. Recyling is the best! I really appreciate your initiative. I reuse packing material for my packaging. Everyone should do a little bit for the environment. Right? :))

    1. Thank you :) I'm trying to start recycling old clothes and repurposing them into something new. Yes definitely, everyone should do there bit :)

  2. I love that it's using something that you've recycled and it turned out so cute!

    1. Thank you Hilda! Your views are much appreciated :) thank you for stopping by!