Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Home Style - Floral Lanterns.

Hi there Folks,

I just thought I'd share a really cheap but lovely looking piece of home decor that I found in...wait for it....Poundland! I know after last nights programme Poundland is probably a bit controversial now, but seriously I feel that £1 is ridiculously cheap and I doubt you would find something like this cheaper elsewhere.

So the item in question is these lovely little tealight lanterns. 

Aren't they sweet?! Well I think so anyway. As you can see in the photo I have them sat either side of my bookcase and when they're lit up at night they cast a lovely little floral pattern onto the walls which feels very cosy and calming...they're so cute!

Has anybody else got any bargain homeware that they would like to share? Please feel free and we'll all have beautifully decorated homes that don't break the bank!

Ciao for now,


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